Rules of internal order


of internal order in the students’ hostels of I. Y. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University Ministry of Health of Ukraine


1.1. Accommodation of students, interns, post – graduating faculty doctors ,in some cases – teachers is carried out by the Accommodating commission. Only the warrant signed by the head of the Accommodating commission gives the right to move into the hostel.

1.2. A person who gets a room in the hostel and has the warrant must come with his/her student card and passport to the student’s campus to make an agreement. It is also necessary to pass instructions for accident prevention while using electrical appliances, gas equipment, to learn the rules of internal order. Instructions are given by commandant and inspectors of student campus.

1.3. The documents of new students accommodated in hostel should be given to passport officer of the hostel according to the order settled by the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine. Registration fee is payed by the person who accommodates in the hostel according to the agreement.

1.4. Students, interns, post – graduating faculty doctors and students of preparatory faculty , if necessary, can be moved to another room or hostel.

1.5. Rooms of the hostel are given to the university entrants only for the period of entrance exams.

1.6. Students that are expelled from university have to vacate the hostel room within 2 weeks after announcement of appropriate order. In cases when the student cant vacate the room during that period for valid reason, the term can be extended by the decision of university and hostel administration.

1.7. In emergency cases , when the hostel resident is not present in his room or refuses to open the room for control? the commission has the right to take the spare key from the stand , to open the room and unlock the room , check it, constituting an act signed by the members of the commission.


2.1. In every room of the hostel among it’s residents a monitor is elected. Description of property and things of the general use in a room, signed by the head of room should be given to the housekeeper of the hostel. Residents of the rooms bear the responsibility for personal things and property of general use.

2.2. A hostel – card is given to each resident of the hostel.

2.3. Entry to the hostel is allowed to:

– the habitants of this hostel to 24.00 only after showing a hostel-card. In special cases the entry after 24.00 is allowed with permission of a commandant or head of a student council after being registered in a hostel journal$

– visitors are allowed only from 15.00 to 22.00 and in week ends from 9.00 to 22.00 . Before entering the hostel visitors have to submit a document that certifies his/her identity, and have to be registered in a visiting – book. The presence of the resident is obligatory during the entry and exit of their visitors.

Hostel residents bear responsibility for visiting the hostel by outsiders.

2.4. Cultural and mass events in hostels are carried out according to plan developed by student-council and approved by the administration of the student campus office. All activities must finish by 22.00. From 22.00 to 7.00 habitants should maintain silence in the hostel.

2.5. Residents of the hostel are obliged to keep their rooms clean and neat.


3.1. The residents of hostel have the right:

- to use the premises of educational, cultural and household supplies, equipment and property of the hostel;

- to elect the student council of the hostel and to be elected for the council;

- through student council , to participate in taking decisions concerning improving the housing conditions, organization of study and rest, repair the equipment and work of the support staff, etc.

- to come forward with complains to the campus and University administration concerning work of support staff and housing conditions which do not comply with the requirements of the regulations of hostel and standards of equipment and maintenance of the hostel.

3.2. the residents of the hostel are obliged:

- to know and strictly follow the rules of internal order in a hostel;

- to journalize sanitary conditions of room;

- to keep rooms and places of common use neat and clean, to clean their rooms every say;

- to be careful with public property – rooms, equipment and furniture; to use economically electricity, gas, water;

- to use only energy-saving bulbs in their rooms;

- to make appropriate payments in time for using hostel, bedclothes, and other additional paid services used.

- personal things of not every day use should be deposited to cloak chamber. Hostel administration is not responsible for things not deposited to the cloak chamber.

- when leaving the room the light should be switched off, the windows should be closed and the key from the room should be passed to duty man;

- to make timely requests for the repair of sanitary , electrical equipments and furniture;

- to redeem the caused financial losses in accordance with current legislation and hostel agreement;

- to inform the commandant and the head of student campus about all extraordinary events immediately;

- to observe accident prevention and fire safety rules while using electrical and gas appliances ; not to set the additional electrical appliances unless with the permission of the hostel administration (personal electrical appliances and radio equipment of the residents must be registered with the hostel warden)

- when leaving the hostel for more then 1 week , for vacation or practice, have to inform hostel warden in written form, and to passthe key to the commandant and personal things to the cloak chamber;

- after graduation or in case of being expelled from the university student have to move out of the hostel within two weeks.

- when leaving the hostel temporarily , residents have to inform the room leader, hostel warden and campus administration (to inform the address of leaving);

- in case of inspection residents of the hostel are obliged to open their rooms to be checked by the commission.

3.3 Hostel residents are prohibited:

- to move from one room to another without the permission of the hostel administration;

- to shift the furniture from one room to another;

- to wash clothes or laundry and clean shoes in rooms;

- to stick or nail pictures , time-tables, or announcements on the walls, door or furniture;

- to make an arbitrary repairmen of electrical equipment, to switch on forbidden electrical appliances in their rooms;

- to change the door locks without the permission of hostel warden;

- to keep visitors after 22/00 and all the night.

- to drink, keep and spread alcoholic beverages; to smoke in rooms, kitchens, places of general use, subsidiary premises, to enter the hostel being drunk;

- to make noise and listen music very loudly;

- to keep domestic animals, birds, fish in the rooms.


4.1. Residents of the hostel are encoragd for mass-cultural activities and work for improvement of the hostel life by:

- the announcement of gratitude;

- a memorable gift or money reward;

- the separate rooms of the hostel can be rewarded by additional equipment and inventory, which are foreseen by “typical norms of equipment of hostel”.

4.2 For violating rules of internal order in the hostel habitants have to be punished by:

- reprimand;

- eviction from the hostel;

- expelling from the university.

4.3. Encouragement and punishment for the residents of the hostels is provided only by the rector (by the dean of the faculty) after the student council or the campus administration submit the list of these students.

4.4. If the student received a reprimand for violating the rules of hostel the campus administration has the right to prevent him from accommodation for the next year.